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November 23, 2014

AFV Database

ChinaType 59643001636502.4100100060001957
ChinaType 69864301938582.8105300012001962
ChinaType 80864301438602.210530005001988
ChinaType 85977001742572.312530003001991
ChinaType 90986002548602.212530001001999
ChinaType 96979001548572.412530006001997
ChinaType 98111060024506521253000502003
GermanyLeopard I973752240652.6105250045001965
GermanyLeopard II12103503050682.5120350021001978
IsraelMerkava 312105001963582.8120300012001990
IsraelMerkava 414125002365582.812030001002002

VEHICLE is name the vehicle normally goes by.

FIREPOWER is the numerical evaluation of the vehicle's firepower. It is calculated at by taking into account The performance of the vehicle's main gun and the various types of ammunition, the fire control system, the way the interior of the tank is designed, gun stabilization, amount of ammunition carried and rate of fire.

PROTECT is the numerical evaluation of the vehicle's ability to defend itself from attack. This is a combination of the many vehicle characteristics, including; Quantity and quality of armor, Speed of the vehicle and acceleration, Ability to lay smoke, size, especially height, main gun depression, viewing devices from inside the tank, damage control equipment, and communications equipment.

RANGE is how far the vehicle can go on internal fuel, in kilometers.

HP:WT is the horsepower-to-weight ratio (the horsepower of the engine divided by the vehicle weight). The higher this is, the more quickly vehicle will be able to move in combat.

WGHT is the full load weight of the tank in metric tons.

SPD (in kilometers per hour) is the maximum speed of the vehicle on a road.

HGHT is the height of the vehicle in meters (one meter equals 3.3 feet). Measured to the top of the turret.

MAIN GUN is the caliber of the main gun in millimeters.

MAX RANGE is the maximum effective range of the main gun in meters.

IN USE is the number of this type in use as of 2002.

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