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Paramilitary: Afghan Auxiliary Police

October 24, 2006: In an effort to deal with the problem of corrupt, or simply ineffective, National Police in Afghanistan, a new Auxiliary Police force being raised in many provinces. This force will eventually total about 12,000. The men will be recruited from the local population. After a month or so of training by the Afghan National Police (ANP), they will be assigned to help provide security in their home regions. The optimal mode of employment seems to be to assist ANP and Afghan Army personnel, by acting as go-betweens, providing local knowledge, and so forth. Enlistments will be for one year. By recruiting locals, the Government of Afghanistan hopes to forge stronger ties with the tribes, which are the most important organizations in the country. Nevertheless, there is some concern in government circles that local auxiliary police personnel not become an extension of tribal or warlord militias. That's why the enlistments are for a year. Full time local cops would be more prone to corruption. But if these guys are just there for a year, they may prove more inclined to stop corruption.




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sjdoc    Term limits reduce corruption?   10/24/2006 11:06:46 AM
Gee, where has that idea been bruited about before? 
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