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Chad: War in Slow Motion
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January 29, 2007: The hit and run fighting in the north continues. French Mirage fighters regularly fly recon missions along the Sudan border. When they spot a group of rebels (a bunch of guys with guns in pickup trucks), they send the GPS data to Chadian troops. If the location is close enough, Chad will send out an armed helicopter. Otherwise, an army patrol may be dispatched. This is all rather desultory, with only a few such contacts a week. It's a war in slow motion.

Meanwhile, UN had workers are trying to move their refugee camps away from the border, and the rebel raids. The rebels use the camps as sources of supply, even if they have to fight police or soldiers guarding the relief supplies, and relief agency assets (satellite phones, laptops, trucks, iPods, etc).

Next Article → BALKANS: Arming the French Resistance
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