A Measure of Respect

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They Are My Brothers


They are my brothers
They will be to the last
From all the wars future and the past
Those we have honored
And those unknown
From all their sacrifice
Our nation has grown

They are my brothers
By blood we are bound
They fired the shot
Heard the world round

They are my brothers
Shouldering more than their share
Lasting through the night
So our flag would still be there

They are my brothers
Who defended the Alamo
Fighting to the last man
Giving all to the final blow

They are my brothers
The Blue and the Gray
A war we had to fight
When we didn’t know the way

They are my brothers
Who charged San Juan Hill
The first war far from home
Where my brothers blood did spill

They are my brothers
The first to go over there
Poison gas in the trenches
All the horrors they had to bear

They are my brothers
Who took the beaches at Normandy
They make us all proud
Proud as we can be

They are my brothers
Who fought at the 38th parallel
We cannot forget
That distant, frozen hell

They are my brothers
In the jungles they died
While some turned their backs
We still carried the pride

They are my brothers
Fighting in the sand
Bringing justice back
To a troubled land

No matter if man or woman
Regardless of their skin colors
They are the same as me
They are all my brothers

They are my brothers
Fighting the ones who use fear
Police and firemen were the first
But my brothers and I will take it from here


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