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If Braveheart was a RTS

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KINGlongshanks has joined *Scotland_Freedom*
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe has joined *Scotland_Freedom*

KINGlongshanks taxes *RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe*

RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: omfg dude what the hell?
KINGlongshanks: sorry im running low on gold ive got to build some
��������������� barracks
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: dude we had a deal you said youd leave me alone
KINGlongshanks: omfg dude haha!!! i told you i wouldnt attack you
��������������� as long as you listen to the laws of my country
��������������� n00b.

william_wallace has joined *Scotland_Freedom*

RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: yeah ok w/e fine here you can have my country im leaving
william_wallace: wtf? BrUcE don't quit you bitch I need you on my team
KINGlongshanks: haha lmfao!!!! you guys are such n00bs hahaha

KINGlongshanks sends Prema Nocta on *RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe*

RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: dude arent your soldiers married wtf?
KINGlongshanks: if i cant burn you out ill breed you out haha.

HAMISH has joined *Scotland_Freedom*
Stephen Pwns Ireland has joined *Scotland_Freedom*
Stewart has joined *Scotland_Freedom*

Stephen Pwns Ireland: biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatchessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: Stewart wtf should i do dude longshanks is fucking me
����������������� up
Stewart: yo KINGlongshanks if your not a pussy come meet me at
�������� Sterling i promise i wont attack you lets just talk
�������� in a p/m
william_wallace: fuck that just aggro him
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: im staying out of this one
william_wallace: robert can my team join yours for the meeting?
���������������� ive been playing for years im good.
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: oh shit guys my dad needs to use the comp for
������������������ negotions brb.

RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe has left *Scotland_Freedom*

william_wallace: stewart can I come with you?
william_wallce:� stewart?!?!?!
william_wallce:� S
william_wallace: T
william_wallace: E
william_wallace: W
stewart: yeah sorry dude i was trying to make some soldiers real quick
william_wallace: can i come?
stewart: yeah but dont do anything dude let me do the talking
william_wallace: alright stephen hamish we can go
HAMISH: cool
Stephen Pwns Ireland: hahaha!!!!! lmfao!!!!! dieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

william_wallace: ok longshanks you ready wtf?!?!?!
KINGlongshanks: yeah i had to call my general he was eating real quick

Lochlan has joined *Scotland_Freedom*

Stewart: ok lochlan dont attack me ok?!?!?!
Lochlan: yeah whatever just do what i tell you
william_wallace: yo lochlan kiss my ass
Lochlan: stfu
stewart: wallace general omg you guys stop real quick time out
william_wallace: dude the general thinks hes fucking good he has shit
Lochlan: omg dude you dont even have archers
william_wallace: wow sorry im poor dude whatever

Lochlan attacks *william_wallace* with Archers

william_wallace: hahaha you are horrible you cant hit shit
HAMISH: that was gay
Stephen Pwns Ireland: hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

lochlan: omfg whatever take this

lochlan attacks *william_wallace* with Calvalry
William_wallace counters with *Spears*

william_Wallace: hahaha I saved my money for spears dumbass
lochlan: wtf!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!

william_wallace attacks *lochlan* with Infantry
HAMISH attacks *lochlan* with Infantry
Stephen Pwns Ireland attacks lochlan by himself.

lochlan: omfg dude you said we would just talk!!!

stewart has left *Scotland_Freedom*

lochlan: haha half your army just lagged out you are going to
���������������� get pwned!!!!

stewart has joined *Scotland_Freedom*
stewart attacks lochlan with Calvalry

william_wallace: hahaha
Stephen Pwns Ireland: biiiiiiiiiiiiitch

lochlan has been defeated
lochlan has left *Scotland_Freedom*

KINGlongshanks: omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys fucking hack!!!!! how did
��������������� you get all that shit?!?! bull! bull! bull!
william_wallace: yeah ok we hack whatever you just suck
KINGlongshanks: whatever i have to go to france real quick my son is
��������������� getting on ill let him deal with you
HAMISH: pussy

KINGlongshanks has left *Scotland_Freedom*
PRINCedward has entered *Scotland_Freedom*

PRINCEedward: ok guys dont attack me please im new can you help me?
william_wallace: alright fine ill help you what do you need to know?
PRINCeedward: how do i make an army?
william_wallace: you need money and you have to build barracks
PRINCEedward no i have that already i just dont know how to do it
william_wallace: ?!?!?!?! umm ok what bases do you see available?
PRINCEedward: york
william_wallace: ok let me go look at it for you and tell you what
���������������� you need.
PRINCEedward: ok thanks i dont want to screw my dads shit up hey
������������� wallace i appreciate it

william_wallace sacks *YORK*

HAMISH: hahaha omfg lmfao william!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Pwns Ireland: hahaha you got OWNEEEEEEEEEED!!!!
PRINCEedward: omg dude wtf?!?!?! you r an asshole i just asked for help
william_wallace: stfu you little bitch
PRINCEedward: dude you are a little prick i cant believe you my dad
������������� is going to kill me

Philip has joined *Scotland_Freedom*

PRINCEedward: omfg Phillip help me wallace destroyed my york!
william_wallace: haha i screwed his wife too
Philip: stfu william he doesnt care he has me

KINGlongshanks has joined *Scotland_Freedom*

KINGlongshanks: yo
KINGlongshanks: omg
KINGlongshanks: wtf?!?!?!
KINGlongshanks: dude edward what the hell happened to york?!?!?!
william_wallace: hahaha!!!!
Philip: longshanks chill dude he was lagging

KINGlongshanks teamkills *Philip*

Philip has been defeated

KINGlongshanks: stfu
Philip: omfg!!! whatever.

Philip has left *Scotland_Freedom*

KINGlongshanks: dude edward you are such a n00b
PRINCEedward: i know lol whatever its just a game get a life losers

PRINCEedward has left *Scotland_Freedom*

KINGlongshanks: ok now time to own all of you

stewart *attacks* william_wallace
KINGlongshanks *burns* Scotland_village_a

william_wallace: omfg! FAKE!!!!
HAMISH: shit

KINGlongshanks: hahahaha thanks stewart
william_wallace: omfg stewart you bitch
stewart: sorry william

william_wallace *Teamkills* stewart
stewart has been defeated

stewart: dude i said i was sorry wtf?!?!

stewart has left *Scotland_Freedom*

KINGlongshanks executes *william_wallace*

william_wallace has been defeated

william_wallace: whatever gg anyhow

KINGlongshanks contracts *Cancer*

Kinglongshanks: aahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
HAMISH: haha
Stephen Pwns Ireland: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe has joined *Scotland_Freedom*

RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: back omfg what happened to william
william_wallace: nothing lochlan tkd me the fag
HAMISH: haha hes dying anyhow look how weak his forces are getting
KINGlongshanks: stfu robert and give me your crown quick so i can
��������������� come back
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: hahaa what a n00b i lied you aint getting my crown!
����������������� lol!!!!

RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe attacks *England*
HAMISH attacks *England*
Stephen Pwns Ireland attacks *England*

KINGlongshanks: dude no fair im diseased wait until im healthy pussy!!

KINGlongshanks has been defeated

KINGlongshanks: omfg dude you are so fucking cheap you said youd give
��������������� me your crown
william_wallace: haha sucks to be you
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: i know i did but you are gay anyway
KINGlongshanks: omfg!!! whatever im not playing with you n00bs again BYE!

KINGlongshanks has left *Scotland_Freedom*


RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: hahaha yes my crown bitch!!!!
HAMISH: haha awesome gg
Stephen Pwns Ireland: gg
william_wallace: gg i guess at least you guys won after i died
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe: sorry you got killed william but whatever
william_wallace: its alright im joining *The_Patriot* anyhow
���������������� later
Stephen Pwns Ireland: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

william_wallace has left *Scotland_Freedom*
HAMISH has left *Scotland_Freedom*
Stephen Pwns Ireland has left *Scotland_Freedom*
RoBeRt_Tha_BruCe has left *Scotland_Freedom*

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