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Subject: The Shrinking American Army
SYSOP    10/3/2022 5:54:26 AM
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Fanatic       10/4/2022 6:59:50 AM
"The current situation is worse because the current president and Congress have the lowest approval ratings in history." The previous president had lower ratings at the end of his tenure, according to my research, and that was before he was caught with all those documents. I wonder what those were for? Why would a person possibly want a stack of secret documents?
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Docduracoat       10/5/2022 10:29:55 AM
To:fanatic below, People want to serve under Trump because he was patriotic. MAGA means putting America first. This resonates with conservative young people. Biden and Obama pushed a “woke agenda” on the armed services. This was mentioned briefly in the article, but it is the major reason military families are no longer encouraging their children to join. Go to any military blog like “valor guardians” The great majority of troops are from the conservative southern states and they are fed up with diversity training, asking for pronouns and forbidding troops to use the words mother and wife.
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