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Subject: EUCOM Loses Israel To CENTCOM
SYSOP    10/15/2021 5:20:55 AM
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Toryu88       10/20/2021 9:00:16 AM
I would think that putting Israel in Eucom was more a matter of logistics. In 1973 during the October War, US forces in Germany both US Army and Air Force sent units and supplies to Israel to make good the early and surprising losses at the hands of the Egyptians. M-60s from the Kaiserslautern Armor park were rapidly repainted, from forest camo to desert camo, loaded on C-5s at Ramstein AFB and flown to Israel. My father's USAF unit a mobile communications unit, the 2nd Mob from Lindsay Air Station sent a detachment down to set up ground to air communications networks to guide in the flights. With the removal of all Army armored units from Germany there really was no reason to keep Israel in Eucom logistically speaking. I wonder which command oversaw the assistance to French and UK forces in their intervention in Libya? Was it Eucom or Centcom?
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