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Subject: How China Does It
SYSOP    1/22/2021 5:17:55 AM
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Hari Sud       1/23/2021 11:23:07 AM
In last three weeks. Your writing is depicting pro-China writings. I am beginning to believe that either you have accepted Chinese money or hired Chinese author to write something which is not true. Yes Chinese do spend a lot of money... say $10 billion a year to get truth and untruth around. You seem to be the victim here. ....... building a huge navy ships is one item, arming them to fight and learning how to operate and fight is another. Chinese are far behind in latter two aspects. .... hence all that praise you heap is worthless. Same is true about their very old airforce. Their land forces have not fired a single shot in anger in last 50 years hence all their aggressiveness will vanish once they see somebody ready to retaliate in kind as it happened in Himalayas in last 8 months. Chinese are beating about the bush to get an upper hand but unable to get it.
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