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Subject: China Makes War On Business Secrets
SYSOP    12/28/2012 5:36:56 AM
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jones    The China Problem   12/29/2012 5:51:49 AM
Thanks so much for your interesting and professional article. Learned a lot from it. Recently my UK website hosting company (" target="_blank">link ) has entered the Chinese market and they are experiencing similar intrusions as described by you. Their Main office is in London UK. In 2011 they opened an office in Sjanghai and since the beginning of this year they are being harassed by the Chinese authorities. I just asked them for more details and will post them as soon as they become available.
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Reactive       12/29/2012 12:22:56 PM
China treats the internet and everything on it as an enormous data mine - that your host experiences problems operating in Shanghai is not really a surprise to me, the CCP's views on privacy or freedom of information is basically that there shouldn't be any that is not sanitised and monitored - as a result they put enormous pressure on foreign firms operating (even those with market cap in the 10's of billions) to ensure that unfettered access is provided to the authorities. The basic premise is that they have an enormous and attractive market which rapidly becomes closed to those who do not cooperate, it's a rare occurrence for a business to stick up for itself because there is no recourse to the law - their way or the highway, basically. 
As I said in a recent comment - use of VPN's is no long-term solution, it is relatively trivial to monitor who is using one - and while states have been slow to address this, they are evidently catching up at least in terms of preventing the readily available forms of internet privacy - and don't think any of this is limited merely to China, in the UK the gov't wants to do virtually the same thing in terms of routine deep packet inspection and data retention, how long before VPN's are also vilified publicly as "enablers" for 'paedophiles, organised crime and terrorists'.
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