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Subject: Wiring the South China Sea
SYSOP    5/29/2023 6:08:04 AM
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Toryu88       6/4/2023 8:43:16 AM
I understand the military significance of these military outposts. But I have to think that with them just above sea level, they could be rendered useless with strikes by something like the MOAB but one designed for penetration, similar to the ones used in the First Gulf War fabricated from old naval gun barrels. A large yield conventional bomb of this nature could be used to crater the runway which is just a few feet above the water table would allow it to fill with water and render it useless. I have to imagine the Pentagon has adopted drone technology to deliver something like a MOAB but designed for penetration. In the event of war, a munition of this type would render all the Chinese decades long effort useless.
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