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Subject: Roscosmos Ruined Beyond Repair
SYSOP    1/22/2022 6:01:02 AM
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Fanatic       1/23/2022 7:09:35 AM
These problems are undoubtedly affecting the military as well.
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Toryu88       2/1/2022 11:39:28 AM
Got to love the mediocrity that communism fosters. The Russian military is a paper bear. Hell they could barely handle the Chechins, they are still bogged down in Eastern Ukraine and its likely they will have to back down from the show of force they staged recently. The 100k troops they put out there were undoubtedly the full extent of their combat ready military force. Which is why they recently signed agreements with China, so they could redeploy troops from that border to the one with the Ukraine. Russia is a third world country with Nukes. Plain and simple and Putin wants to try and keep his nation relevant.
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