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Subject: Boeing Regrets Victory Over AirBus
SYSOP    1/20/2022 5:36:01 AM
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Del       1/20/2022 7:20:17 PM
The problem with Boeing is that they bought McDonald/Douglas. The idiots that ran Mc/D into the grounds are still there. Boeing had the Engineers in charge, not management experts. And how much graft is there now that they moved HQ to Chicago.
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timon_phocas       1/22/2022 1:33:48 PM
I think Boeing's basic problem stems from when they transferred their from Seattle to Chicago. When the HQ was in Seattle they were right next to one of their main manufacturing hubs. Engineers had priority access to decision makes. Now the decision makers are hundreds of miles away from the bread and butter of their business. It doesn't matter whether that business is military, space or airliners. If it isn't reliable, nobody will buy it.
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