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Subject: war with China
kamoto    6/15/2010 11:33:21 AM
We will be at war with China by the end of this year. The trigger mechanism will be a preemptive strike by Israel on Iran. Briefly, my credentials. Former Marine Squad Leader/MCMAP Instructor. with 3/2 Lima co, two tours in Iraq, Anbar province and Sunni Triangle. I NEED TO KNOW CHINESE INFANTRY TACTICS. IF ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE DO. THERE WILL BE AN INVASION ON OUR SOIL, IF ANYONE WISHES TO KNOW HOW OR WHY I KNOW MY EMAIL IS UNUS_SUPRA@YAHOO.COM ANY INFO ON THE TACTICS I REQUESTED PLEASE YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED. for you militia types, pa will be the pivotal ground. remember that.
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