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Subject: Russia Has a Plan
SYSOP    9/24/2023 5:55:04 AM
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voland       9/24/2023 2:46:05 PM
That's not a plan. We can start with the gas turbine engine. It is a lot of hassle for any army, but for the Russians, the logistics will make it barely usable. They cannot do anything about top-attack weapons because they do not have anything modern in the active protection area. And if they did have a design, they have no sufficient access to modern computer hardware to make a mass production-level product. And then there is the basic design that hails from the 50s when the small cross-section was beneficial; it is not now. In fact, it is detrimental because there is no space for modern computer-based systems for observation and fire control in the turret. Add to that corruption on a level not even comprehendable by the Westerners, and you have NO PLAN.
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