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Subject: ElBaradei Speaks Out against Morsi
CJH    11/26/2012 2:57:51 PM
ElBaradei Speaks Out against Morsi

< a href="">article

"SPIEGEL: Has the Arab Spring already failed in Egypt?

ElBaradei: I don't believe that. I fight against that. In April I founded the Constitution Party. With the Social Democrats and all liberal powers we will combine against the Islamists. We still have a chance and we should not waste the awakening; that would be a tragedy. Young people want more personal freedom and better jobs. They want a clear word from the West against Morsi. If Americans and Europeans really believe in the values that they are always preaching then they must help us and pressure Morsi."

< div style="color:#aa0000"> Democracy will certainly not help the Arabs. Republican constitutions might. Polybius would have told them that. He argued that democracy leads eventually to despotism.

The region's countries need a rule of law and not a rule of the mob.

Same here.

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