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Subject: We Will Dazzle You With Our Spin
SYSOP    1/2/2013 5:40:14 AM
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Reactive       1/2/2013 9:44:29 AM
Seems that things are unwinding to some degree - Iran's "official" inflation rate for 2012 was ~26% with 50% being reported as the real rate - totally unsustainable. 
Can only laugh at the comical decree issued to airlines, presumably as the situation worsens they need viable excuses for fewer flights in the air which is possibly another good sign in terms of sanctions biting as planned. 
Which begs the next question, assuming Assad is overthrown in the next few months (likely) will Iran be able to prevent the same sort of uprising occurring there? Has supporting his regime (and largely failed) weakened their own ability to quell future dissent in Iran?
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esmoore5       1/2/2013 5:12:40 PM
"It is only since the Arab Spring that we can clearly see how fragile these
authoritarian regimes are.  Underneath the facade they are rotten to the core. The
WMDs and big armies gave their strongmen a false sense of security which obviated
the incentive for internal reform. Khadaffy and now Assad are learning that while
such weapons may protect you against foreign enemies they are useless against
internal rebellion. In fact they may act something like the eggs laid by an ichneumon
wasp in a host.  When they hatch, they kill you. WMDs can eat out a rotten regime
from within. They incubate power centers, ambitious ‘mad majors’ or invite an invasion
of jihadis (as is the case with Syria) who desire to possess them."

See:" href="">
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