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Subject: Baghdad Violence Down 80% in Recent Days
HYPOCENTER    2/17/2007 6:41:35 PM
from IraqSlogger dot com ....: Terrorist operations in the Iraqi capital toned down by 80% during the past three days, an official spokesman for Baghdad's new order-imposing plan said on Saturday. "Some 144 wanted people and a number of suspects were arrested during the past three days," Brig. Qassem al-Musawi said in a press conference he held on Saturday in Baghdad.
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Panther       2/17/2007 7:32:25 PM
Look's like with each passing day, my prediction was wrong about the surge not having such a great effect and thank G*d that i was wrong! Nothing pleases me more than reading about a bunch of terrorist chickens still running around with their heads chopped off!
Now my question is... what can we do too help our fellow democratic countrymen to get their heads put back on their shoulders and stop acting like a bunch of fools that most of us know that they aren't?
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Plutarch       2/18/2007 1:45:15 PM" width=120 border=0>
2 Baghdad car bombs kill 56, injure 127

By BRIAN MURPHY, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 33 minutes ago

Two car bombs exploded in an outdoor market in Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 56 people and injuring scores in the deadliest attack since U.S. and Iraqi forces began a major security push around the capital last week.

The twin blasts — which tore through the open-air market in the mostly Shiite district of New Baghdad — marked the first major response by militants to the sweep launched last week and a sobering reminder of the huge challenges facing any efforts against the well-armed factions.

The death toll was reported by police and ambulance service officials on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to media. At least 127 people were injured, they reported.

The explosions toppled wooden vendors' stalls and utility poles, and blood pooled in the debris. Victims were carried into hospitals on makeshift stretchers or in the arms of rescuers.

A separate car bomb in the mostly Shiite area of Sadr City killed at least one person and injured 10, police said.

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Bob       2/18/2007 4:00:01 PM
Not against the war, just rooting for the other side.
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