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Subject: Please Feed The Terrorists
SYSOP    1/28/2021 5:54:36 AM
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trenchsol       1/28/2021 7:33:37 AM
The way I see it there are several factors that made warming between Israel and some Arab countries happen. The first is, of course, Iranian threat. Second was joint effort of Israel, Arabs and former Donald Trump administration. The third is lack of trustworthiness in American foreign policy. Each new administration reinvents Middle East policy. Obama administration tried to normalize relations with Iran at expense of traditional allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia. Obviously, the people in the region are not willing to depend on US policy moods and formed their alliance of their own. I don't know what will new US foreign policy look like, it seems that administration is still weighing the options and looking to find some middle solution, which might not be wrong. It is too early to say anything. I don't know how difficult could it be to figure out that current Iranian regime will NOT make real peace with any single one of the countries that supported Iraq during war with Iran. Even the next regime, if any, might persist in that policy. On one hand, that might seem justified because the war took extremely heavy toll on Iran. On the other hand, Iran is to blame, at least partially, because the post revolutionary government acted recklessly in many ways. They conducted deadly purges among their own population, killing and torturing many. Also they invaded US embassy in Tehran. Therefore, many other countries saw Iran then as untrustworthy. That perception hasn't changed much ever since. Anyway, if US aren't sure who their allies are, then they probably have no business being present in the Middle East. I mean, why wasting time and effort on something you are not sure about ?
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