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Subject: Magical Thinking
SYSOP    8/24/2019 6:12:43 AM
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trenchsol       8/24/2019 7:38:04 AM
Well, in the past people often used magic to explain things the didn't understand.
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robbief1       8/25/2019 10:14:00 AM
Egyptians have done it for 1000s of years, ever since Pharaoh Rameses II's army endured an tuterly catastrophic defeat. The clever geezer claimed the enemy used magic and it was actually a "victory". Stunned Egyptians chose to believe him. Even today, from Cairo airport to city centre, you see countless statues commemorating the 1973 "victory", when the entire Egyptian 3rd army was surrounded in the desert, by the Israelis, who agreed not to destroy it so as not to humiliate the Egyptians. Their soldiers were forced to beg for water from the Israelis, a pretty big humiliation for Muslims who have treated Jews as pathetic 2nd class citizens for two millenia.
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