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Subject: Fortune Favors The Bold
SYSOP    2/12/2013 5:43:25 AM
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TonoFonseca    Two options   2/12/2013 1:00:11 PM

There are only two possibilities for the ending of this war.

A - A powerful warlord takes over from Assad, probably Sunni in persuasion, and creates a new dictatorship out of Syria.

B - The country known as Syria will cease to exist, with the country being divided into three new states: a Kurdish state, a Sunni state, and a Shia/Alawite state.

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dogberry       2/12/2013 11:54:31 PM
My reading of Wiki on the pop of Syria, 13 percent Shia, 10 percent Christian, 9 percent Kurds, 3 percent Druze, and 2-4 percent Turks. 
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Hotspur666       2/13/2013 12:13:31 AM
The Syrian partition will be quickly followed by civil war in Lebanon and Iraq.
These permanently failed states will also fracture in the rabid islamist parts and the more secular elements.
They all can thank the Mau Mau Monkey in the White House and his "leading from behind" systematic subversion.
Seem our Kenyan dictator boss the new soviet type of" alt="" /> subversion by his CIA toadies... 
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