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Subject: News Links.
esmoore5    2/20/2013 12:25:18 PM
Having trouble posting on the "No more Dirty Little Links?" thread, which has gotten a bit long anyway. So I'll see if starting a new thread helps. Links for 2-20-2013:
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esmoore5    Links for 3-11-2014.   3/11/2014 1:32:40 PM
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esmoore5    Links for 3-12-2014.    3/12/2014 12:41:07 PM
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esmoore5    Links for 3-13-2014.    3/13/2014 12:51:35 PM
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esmoore5    Links for 3-14-2014. (Part 1)   3/14/2014 10:12:04 PM
Having trouble posting to USENET, so I'll try dumping the links here.
Leading Afghan Presidential Candidate Vows To Sign U.S. Pact:

Nearly two dozen killed in attacks across Pakistan despite talks:

U.S. Must Demolish Thousands of Its Vehicles in Afghanistan:

British Reapers Pass 50000 Combat Flight Hours:

U.S. Commander Says More Focus On Haqqani Militants:


Saudis hardened by wars in Syria, Iraq join al Qaeda in Yemen:

Turkey threatens retaliation if historic Syria tomb attacked:

Hezbollah close to cutting off key route for Syrian rebels, refugees:

Al-Qaida splinter group in Syria pulls out of two provinces:

Al Nusrah Front, Free Syrian Army launch joint operation:

Yakhont Threatens Israeli Gas:

Tanker coming from Libyan rebel port entered Egyptian waters:

Suspected extremists attack northern Nigeria city:

French air strikes kill wanted Islamist militant 'Red Beard' in Mali:

Madagascan Air Force Tetras crash kills two:

Somalia: Take Whatever You Can Get Any Way You Can:

At genocide trial, Rwandan ex-intel chief defiant:


MAP: Here's Why Ukraine Fears A Russian Invasion:

After Ukraine Protest, Radical Group Eyes Power:

Russia ships troops into Ukraine, repeats invasion threat:

Cornered Crimean commander begs superiors for help:

Russia Warns It Is Ready To Place Eastern Ukraine 'Under Its Protection':

Russia issues warning after fatal clashes in Ukraine city of Donetsk:

Russia brings trucks, armor into Ukraine's Crimea by ship:

The Kremlin And Russia's Central Bank Hit By Powerful Cyber Attacks:

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esmoore5    Links for 3-14-2014. (Part 2)   3/14/2014 10:14:08 PM
U.S. Balks at Ukraine Military-Aid Request:

After Crimea, wary Eastern Europe asks: who's next:

Russia: Reserve the right to intervene in Ukraine:

Ukraine Says 80,000 Russian Soldiers And 270 Tanks Are Threatening A 'Full-
Scale Invasion':

Russia says intercepted US drone over Crimea: arms group:

Former Soviet satellites sign joint military pact:

UK holds cyberwar game in Churchill's WW2 bunker:

Saab reveals full Gripen E design, cost savings:

Spain, Morocco break up jihadist recruitment cell, arrest 7:

Report on KC-135 crash in Kyrgyzstan released:

Russia to build unmanned airships for Arctic military patrols:

Why Russia calls a limited nuclear strike "de-escalation":

Philippines offers U.S. forces access to military bases:

Philippines Drops Food to Troops After China 'Blockade':

Analysis: China Backs Manila Into Corner; Limited Options for US:

Clock’s Ticking—Taiwan Could Resist a Chinese Invasion for Just One Month:

Exclusive: Radar data suggests missing Malaysia plane deliberately flown way
off course - sources:

Bermuda Triangle theories, elaborate plots, and false leads fuel online
speculation about lost airliner:

JUPITR program takes shape on Korean Peninsula:

Taiwan; Navy christens stealth missile corvette:

A Close Look at the NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool:

Air Force Nuclear Crews Bungled Tests Even Worse Than Thought, With More
Evidence Of Cheating:

Air Force Updates F-15 Fleet’s Radars, Sensors:

USAF delays LRSO again, this time by three years:

Pentagon boosting its push for underwater drones:
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esmoore5    Links for 3-15-2014. (Part 1)   3/15/2014 10:46:14 PM
US Goes High-Tech to Help Oversee Afghan Aid Work:

Doctor who helped CIA find Osama Bin Laden has sentenced reduced:

At least 18 tribesmen abducted from Peshawar outskirts:

Karzai’s parting shot: Afghanistan doesn’t need U.S. troops:

Karzai: Parts of Pakistani government aid terrorists:

Review board rules against Guantanamo detainee:

Outsider Gets No. 2 Al Qaeda Post, a First for Terror Group:

Army commander criticises 'inadequate' Afghanistan kit:

Iran: Sabotage uncovered at nuclear facility:

Iranian Navy to take delivery of new submarine:

The Iranian UAV Industry is Booming:

SYRIAN CIVIL WAR: 3 Years, 146,000 Dead, And No End In Sight:

Syrian Forces Enter Last Rebel Bastion Near Lebanese Border:

United by Fear: Life Under Militants More Radical Than Al Qaeda:

Israel's options in Gaza limited as neither side has appetite for escalating

Egypt militant group says founder killed in bomb accident:

Libyan port rebels say ready for talks, demand Tripoli suspend offensive:

Tanker of suspected stolen Libyan oil spotted off Cyprus:

The U.S. Military Is Back in Somalia, Sort of:

Whoops! Somali terrorist kills self early with accidental detonation:

Former Rwandan intelligence official convicted in France:

Kidnapping Resurgent in Gulf of Guinea Piracy:

Russia vetoes UN resolution on Crimea's future:

Russia Hammers Ukraine With Massive Cyber-Attack:

Kremlin gets DDoS’d by Anonymous Caucasus:

Ukraine crisis triggers Russia's biggest anti-Putin protest in two years:

Russia's Special Ops Invasion of Ukraine Has Begun:

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esmoore5    Links for 3-15-2014. (Part 2)   3/15/2014 10:50:37 PM
Ukraine says Russian forces backed by helicopter gunships move outside Crimea:

Pentagon Denies Downed U.S. Drone Report in Crimea:

As Ukraine crisis simmers, U.S. transport planes heading to Poland:

RAF spy plane to monitor Ukraine crisis:

American senators meet with Ukrainian leaders in Kiev to discuss aid:,0,5795634.story

U.S. destroyer to conduct more drills in Black Sea amid Crimea crisis:

3,500th export Mi-17 rolls off assembly line:

Soviet Super-Sub Was a Dead Fish in Combat:

New Gripen Aims For Low Cost, High Capability:

Chinese Data Theft Could Be 'Disastrous' For The US Military's Most Expensive
Fighter Jet:

Taiwan Receives First ‘Carrier Killer’ Ship:

MH370 Deliberately Diverted - Malaysian PM:

Hijacked Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 shadowed other airliners to escape


The status of Project 310:

Boeing, L-3 complete modernization of CF-188 aircraft:

Army Officer Freaks Out Thousands Of Government Employees With Cybersecurity

'Inglourious Basterd' of WWII deserves MoH, group says:

Homeland Security’s Border Sensors Are a $700-Million Boondoggle:

American Officials Play Board Games To Understand War:

Meet DARPA's New Generation Of Robots:

Operation #Fail?—?The Marine Corps’ Sad Attempt to Conquer Facebook:

Cyber Operations Become Part of the Red-Flag Game Plan:

Navy to Hold Contest for New Anti-Surface Missile:

U.S. to start integration of B61-12 nuclear bomb on NATO F-16, Tornado in 2015:

NASSCO Delivers Second Mobile Landing Platform:

The Evolution of the U-2 Dragon Lady:

Why Congress May Let Air Force Retire The A-10:

The Air Force Tested a Mini-Gunship Last Year:

Why the Navy Wants More Growlers:
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esmoore5    Links for 3-16-2014.   3/16/2014 10:05:05 PM
Looks like USENET is working again.
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esmoore5    Links for 3-17-2014.   3/17/2014 1:37:29 PM
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esmoore5    Links for 3-18-2014. (Part 1)   3/18/2014 2:26:20 PM
USENET is acting up again ...


Suicide bomber kills at least 15 in Afghanistan:


Semper fi? Taliban desecration case ignites battle in top ranks of Marines:


Entrusting Afghanistan Aid Oversight To Contractors:


Enemy ID: How DOD uses biodata in the field:


Karzai Nominates Qanooni To Replace Fahim:


British Describe Afghanistan Lessons Learned:




Why did United Arab Emirates refuse to let British nuclear submarine dock (to
fury of crew’s families who had to go to India to see them)?:




Syria chemical weapons store attacked by rockets: sources:


National Guardsman Charged With Trying To Go To Syria To Fight Alongside
Islamic Extremists:


Fear rules in Damascus as Syria's revolt enters fourth year:


Hezbollah calls on Lebanese army to curb Syrian war spillover:



Why Islamic Terrorists Hate Each Other:




Israel can’t rely on ‘weak’ US to deal with Iran, Ya’alon warns:




Peacekeepers seize large weapons cache in C. Africa:


Has South Sudan war wrought an African 'rapid reaction' force?:





Russian and Crimean parliaments sign treaty of accession:


Ukraine does not recognize pact making Crimea Russian: ministry:


Ukraine Expects U.S. Military Help If War With Russia Starts:


Text 565 to Donate to the Ukrainian Military:


Shots fired, officer taken from Ukraine base in Crimea:



France May Scrap Russian Warship Deal over Ukraine:




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