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Subject: America vs. Russia
sooner    1/30/2004 11:22:14 AM
Allies--supposedly. Who would strategically win a war?
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roadcop    RE:America vs. Russia   1/31/2004 12:39:20 AM
No one. Until we have nukes. Someone here wrote like this: US will destroy Russian Army and after that nationalists and separatists will do the rest of job. Thats not true. If someone will occupy Russia he'll gets the greatest guerilla movement in history. Remember 1812 and WW2. Certainly, Russia couldnt stand full-scale conventional war with US. That will change in about 20-30 years, I think. All Russia have now - 2-3 combat-ready airborne divisions and several spetsnaz and marine brigades. All other troops are of poor quality. So now Russian government counts only on Nukes. P.S. Two days ago first party of new MI-24PN all-weather attack helicopters was received by Army Air Force. Something good happening (for Russia).
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Military Strength    RE:America vs. Russia   4/18/2004 4:26:37 PM
america russia has no chance
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Final Historian    RE:America vs. Russia   4/18/2004 5:14:56 PM
Roadcop is right, America could destroy the Russian military, but never occupy the country. And the presence of nukes would preclude any open hostilities.
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kuznet    RE:America vs. Russia   4/19/2004 8:36:29 PM
russia is not the enemy and this thread is out of date by 15 years, Russia is a ally on the war on terror and soon enough maybe closer military ties. Remember Nato and Russian supplies are stationed in Latvia, Lithuania etc..sharing,, ALLIES.. USA + RUSSKA ALLIES always..:)
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tank    RE:America vs. Russia   4/19/2004 9:45:42 PM
your right kuznet,most everybody knows russia is not the enemy.These questions are mainly hypotheticals from the cold war days.
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Stalin_1243    well....   5/31/2004 4:28:04 PM
That is quite difficult. Russia has no intention of using its missiles in war but a war with America would gain back Russias supremacy if Russia wins. Russia could rain Americas western coast with ICBMs while Americ could rain Russias (deserted) eastern coasts. The Russians would wait for America to touch there land and begin a war oin the east. and then bomb the east. But if America would invade from the west more than likely Russia would NOT use bombs in Highlt populated areas. Basically its an unknown win, but Geographical features help much.
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dudley    RE:well....   6/1/2004 1:27:42 AM
yall are worried about the wrong opponent here.CHINA,hear this ruskies is where your energies should be applied.thunk shes your buddy?WRONG.
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Danuas    RUSSIA IS STRONGER THEN U THINK   6/1/2004 11:57:51 PM
The russian army is actually more powerful then the u.s army. Russia has the second largest armend forces in the world. 1,5 million well trained soldiers. They have the largest air force in the world , 2,400 aircrafts (The U.S has 250). They also have about 9,300 ACV's ( the U.S has 1,400). And dont forget that russia also has 5,000 artillery (the U.S has about 350). And lets not take about their navy. Largest and most developed submarine force. I know these number sound crazy. I could'nt belive it myself. Now you might say, "well the U.S army is alot more advanced and newer". Well not really. The U.S.S.R broke down in 1991. I know for sure that 90% of the army are from the 80's. The MIG plains are very advanced. I have seen them. Im dont think that russia could actually invade the U.S but The U.S would'nt stand a chance. Russia is still a Superpower, if not a Megapower.
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tank    RE:dANUAS STOP SMOKING PROPAGANDA   6/2/2004 12:16:01 AM
I don't know where the hell you got your numbers,but there were about 250 aircraft at my base alone which was a small training base.NOTE before you start barking out numbers do your research.
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tank    RE:RUSSIA IS STRONGER THEN U THINK   6/2/2004 12:28:13 AM
WOW you are either paranoid or working for the communist party.Those numbers are absolutly outhere. TANK Incredible
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