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Subject: They Shall Not Pass Or Get Paid
SYSOP    1/22/2013 5:37:05 AM
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WarNerd       1/22/2013 4:30:50 PM
The key to shutting down al-Qaeda may be to treat them and the local drug smuggling business they depend on for income as one and the same.  The drug smugglers are business men, first and foremost, they will get the message if you state it frequently and clearly. Of course, al-Qaeda will kill the smugglers if they try to break the relationship, but the next ones will get the message.
While some of this would have to play out in African countries, a good part of it could be done by naval vessels from the EU nations operating of the conflict zone to patrol and intercept the drugs before they get to the Africa countries. (see “Too Many Targets...”). The organizations that hire the smugglers would likely respond by shifting the routes outside the conflict zone, leaving the smugglers with al-Qaeda much poorer.
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