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Subject: Give Me Hudnah Or Give Me Death
SYSOP    1/11/2013 5:28:37 AM
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muslimforpeace    please dont attribute it to Islam   1/15/2013 11:09:19 AM
The extremist muslims are not at all representative of true Islam. To judge Islam we need to see its book Quran and life of Prophet of Islam. Quran says there is no coercion in matters of religion. Prophet of Islam in his whole life promoted peace, tolerance, harmony, justice and forgiveness. Its always the case that as we move away from the time of start of religion people start to deviate from true teachings for own personal motives and desires. Then God sends a reformer to guide them. Reformer of the age sent by God and waited by all religions under different names like Messiah, mahdi, etc is Mirza Ghulam ahmad of Qadian India. Ahmadiyya Muslim community is the community of his followers. Whose motto is love for all hatred for none based on Quran. Find more of true peaceful Islam at . In Islam there is no violence , we reject all forms of terrorism done in name of Islam as Islam does not allow it. Peace on all.
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canadian1       1/15/2013 8:49:38 PM
again islam a religion if you want to call it does not accept any other religion refer to koran(2:256) a
muslim will not be able to be a good canadian because theologically his allegiance is to allah the moon god of arabia
scripturally no because his allegiance is to the pillars os islam and the koran socially no because his allegiance to islam
forbid him to make freinds with christians or jews or who they call infeidels politically no because he must submit to the mullahs who teach annihilation of isreal and distruction of the west the great satan  domestically no because he is intructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him even they allowed to marry girln of 9 years old koran (4:34)
intellectually no because he cannot accept canadian laws because its based on biblical principles
to a muslim it is a good deed to steel fron an infidel goverment it is in the koran
philosofically no because islam muhammad and the quran does not allow the freedom of religion and expretion
democracy and islam cannot co exist every muislim country either dictatorial or autocratic
spiritually no because when we declare one nation under god the christian god is loving and kind while allah is never refferd to as a heavenly father nor is he ever called love inthe koran 99 excellent names
footnote the muslims have said they will destroy us from within  so freedom is not free
muslims they been thought by the koran to use any means to infiltrate the west and i say any means deception lies to
when the time is right implement sharia law and islamise the world and convert all the ifidels by will or force its is happening now every day Iraq syria egypt chritians they are getting killed there
again muslims will use any means to hide there intetions until the time is right call it what you wish it is still the truth
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