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Subject: US,UK,AuS Vs China,North Korea,IRan and Russia
BLUIE006    10/29/2006 1:06:22 AM
Imagine this .... World War ..... European NATO for some reason Doesn't get involved..... ONly long time allies the Poms and Aussies help the US ........ Who Would win???
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Ezekiel    America would find more allies   12/31/2006 9:50:34 AM
There are other countries that the U.S. would ask to join other then NATO... But the two major countries that stand out that if one would join such a conflict would make such a war decidedly put in America's favor. India and/or Israel Both in different ways are military powerhouses.
If Israel- was to join it would take care of Iran, and India would be able to hold off a china if it was to prepare itself.
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Jeff_F_F       1/2/2007 1:28:21 PM
Assuming everyone not listed stays neutral and is not attacked, where is the war? The old WW3 scenarios were based on the idea of a land invasion of Germany. Assuming that China N.Korea, Iran & Russia are the aggressors, the issue would be primarily decided by the navies or through strategic bombing since they share no common land borders. This is assuming no nukes are used, this seems to pretty lopsidedly favor the US, UK and Australia.
Now if we have Iran invading Iraq, and invading Afghanistan along with China, N.Korea invading South Korea along with China and possibly the Russians, and China deciding that if they are going to go to war with the US anyway, they'd might as well invade Taiwan too, that would be different. Russia would presumably use their navy to contest the US from intervening by interdicting the US Navy. Though conceivably they could try to stage an airborne or amphibious assault on the UK, that seems...problematic to say the least.
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Ezekiel       1/2/2007 2:49:24 PM
Invading England??? In WWII the Brits devised great strategy in homeland defense, and historically hasn't been done since the norman conquest about 900 yrs ago. America and Would have to do a d-day style offensive but instead at multiple staging points first attacking Iran and consolidating the oil resource. From this point it would be defensive stance against russia and an offensive stance towards a china/korea that as of now is still not able to defend against a combined uk/us/aussie attack. Containing russia is the key though!!  Only in the last phase can russia be considered for an offensive. What the US/UK/have in their favor is that they all seperated and must first be engaged at sea before any attack can trully occur on the homefront. These factors gives them time, combined with satellite tech means war coordination between them isn't as difficult as it once was.. also democracies when put on a war footing are more powerful then totalitarian regimes.
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sofa    US,UK,AuS Vs China,North Korea,IRan and Russia   1/9/2007 11:53:07 PM
Define "win".
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Jeff_F_F       1/10/2007 9:12:26 AM
As much as Russia hates the Chechens, do we really think they'd work with Iran? N Korea is practically ready to collapse militarily. China is dreaming of becomming a superpower again, and they remember that military might is based on economic might and the war that is being described here can only hurt that economic might. Russia didn't fight WW3 when it was still a Soviet Union with an ideological imperative to make the rest of the world a workers paradise just like it was. Iran has a highly educated population and their political leadership knows that they have no hope in a symetrical slugging match, so if they are going to fight it is going to be an asymetric jihad, which Russia and China will want no part in.
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Jeff_F_F       1/10/2007 9:22:30 AM
Each of the proposed enemy countries has a different victory condition, and they are not compatible which is why it won't happen. China : Return to a super power status (which they have been off and on throught most of human history). Iran : Worldwide Shia Islamist state (China and Russia aren't going to participate in anything that advances that cause.) Russia: Probably more wealth and power for the folks in charge. N. Korea : get by a little longer without colapsing by extrorting/begging cash and supplies from their neighbors and the US.
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KlubMarcus       2/22/2007 10:32:38 PM
The USA and her allies would win, guaranteed. Russia is broke and a war will eat up hard currency and cut off their exports. China needs resources and the export trade just to make ends meet during peacetime and they will get cut off quickly by sea during wartime; shipping by land is ludicrously expensive in comparison. North Korea doesn't even have enough food and will end up being a burden on China. Iran can't even beat Iraq and cutting off the Gulf will hurt China and North Korea's oil supply. North Korea, Japan, and Singapore would side up with the USA because of the immediate threat from China and Russia. Those countries have surprisingly tough and strong military forces as well as being economic powerhouses. The USA holds all the good cards. I'm sure it will be a tough world war, but the enemy nations you listed won't last long.
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metalfan182       8/24/2007 3:45:40 PM

Isn’t it obvious? In a war like that it would go nuclear and the USA currently owns more then 50% of the world’s nuclear arsenal. We'd win but at enormous cost, unless we finish our missile defense systems.

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bobherisson    SECOND WINS   10/1/2007 7:43:55 PM
naaa I actually think that the second group would win. This is because Russia and China have pretty high populations and military especially Chna and Russia has lots of land power. Even though North Korea cant be the biggest help they can still support the group in things like troups and small weapons. And last but not least Iran would OWN everyone cuz they will fight until the very end. Iran easily took Iraq even with the Americans help to Iraq its the US that cant handle Iraq now
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USAtopdog    it's the end   6/1/2009 9:42:33 AM
ww3 is coming. this is only the start of it. we blow up NK. it's allies and not will think we will bully them too.
I think we should back down while we still can Nk is still powerful. not saying were not   
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