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Subject: The Last Emperor Confronts Interesting Times
SYSOP    10/13/2021 5:41:54 AM
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Toryu88       10/20/2021 10:06:25 AM
You really need to writers whose first language is English. The first paragraph contained several errors in grammar that completely changed the meaning of the statement of facts.... "After missing its second bond repayment and UNLIKELY to default on the next one, the value of bonds in the “high yield (junk bond)” sector collapsed, with bond prices plunging 75 percent in one day." I don't think this is what you meant to convey. Likewise: "The junk bond segment OF the first to fail when a national economy suffers from too much bad (unlikely to be repaid) debt." I think you need to turn on your spell and grammar checker to avoid such obvious errors.
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