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Subject: Integrated Multi-Threat Defense System
SYSOP    1/15/2021 5:13:50 AM
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trenchsol       1/15/2021 9:13:05 AM
The "Sparrow" is ann ALBM (Air Launched Ballistic Missile). However, it is capable of carrying a warhead. Few years ago it was in the news that Israel hit the targets in Syria with ALBM which have proven to be impossible problem for Syrian air defenses. I suppose it is the same thing, or variant of it. Who would want to waste resources developing two completely separate systems for similar purpose ?
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Shirrush       1/15/2021 2:25:36 PM
@Trenchsol: Actually there is such an ALBM and it is smaller and slenderer than any of these Sparrow's ("Anqor"). I wouldn't know about it if it weren't proposed to export customers. "Rampage" is made by IMI, now Elbit, and it is apparently based on their EXTRA guided artillery rocket: A heavier, Anqor-based ALBM is a possibility, although nothing about such was ever made public, and I'd guess that its warhead could be "other than" high explosive...
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