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Subject: Road To Victory Paved With Lies
SYSOP    9/24/2021 5:29:42 AM
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Hari Sud       9/24/2021 7:36:32 AM
More the Pakistanis celebrate their victory in Afghanistan, the more angry they make America in the process. Taliban is a bunch of religious “Thugs” with guns. It is US who handed back the power to them after a long drawn un-winnable war in Afghanistan. It is the Pakistani lead Taliban militia scored a victory without firing a shot. Does it open Chinese occupation in Afghanistan? They have the money and they are willing to spend in return to difficult to exploit mineral deposits. Even if the Chinese find all the minerals, there is no way to bring them out in large quantities and transport to china. Those routes via Chinese built thru Pakistan or Indian built via Iran are full of controversies. Both will demand a pound of Afghan flesh for transit. Iran route using road/rail transit is easier and final leg via sea is cheaper. That is possible only if Taliban forms an all inclusive government With Shia community in good control. The alternative route via Pakistan will be a preferred choice but will require at least $25 billion road and rail investment to connect the mineral rich area in Afghanistan to Gawadar port in Pakistan. Moreover acceptance by Pakistan to use its territory is not a done deal. The Pakistani Army who is not keen in Chinese tricks may say no to the whole idea. Hence Afghan mineral wealth, if it is there and exploitable will stay there only. Taliban victory will stay victory only with no dramatic economic changes. Before all the above happens, the Taliban has to fight a civil war between themselves. Indication of this are already there. More indications are emerging that a bulk of current Afghan Taliban leadership is ready to expel Pakistani influence in their ranks. Those pro and anti Pakistani Taliban has already indulged in shooting at each other. ……. Hence future is uncertain.
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