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Subject: The first and only 4.5-Star General in human history
zomi    12/8/2003 6:48:23 AM
The first and only rank of 4.5-Star General in Human History ============================================================ The State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), the military government who took over state power in on September 18, 1988, created a new rank, Senior General, which is equivalent to Field Marshal (United Kingdom) and to the 5-Star General of the Army (United States of America), sometime in 1989. General (equivalent to 4-Star) Saw Maung, Chairman of the the SLORC, was promoted to that rank. In 1992, Senior General Saw Maung was ousted, and General Than Shwe became Chairman. Sometime later, General Than Shwe was promoted to Senior General. In 1997, the SLORC was abolished and the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) was established. Senior General Than Shwe remained Chairman of the new SPDC. In late 2002, General Maung Aye, Vice-Chairman of the SPDC, was promoted to Vice Senior General. So Vice Senior General Maung Aye became the first and only soldier ever to become a 4.5-Star General in the history of human history!
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