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Subject: Philippine defense
Feldmarschall    2/2/2006 10:28:57 AM
hello everyone. let me introduce myself-I am a Filipino/German citizen and a true patriot. The Philippine defense forces are a joke compared to those of its neighbors and it is a very stupid of Filipino politicians not do improve the military capabilities of their own country. It is not the lack of money that is the reason for this miserable state of our armed-forces but rather corruption and the stupidity of most Filipino politicians. The Philippines has the ability to purchase up to 400 Mirage-200 jets,200 T-90 main-battle tanks,70-100 corvettes/guided-missile vessels and create a program to build own naval vessels and aircraft within at least 15 years time. This should be ossible according to the official military the Philippine dept. of Defense has every year.The money is there but it lands in the the politicians' and Generals' pockets. They ought to be shot in Luneta or sent to sent to exile to set an example for future leaders. It is time for a change in our country-the sooner the better. China will someday attack us---it is a Communist country and those aware of the goals of Communism know what I'm talking about. The Philippines may be the next "Tibet"--and I don't want that to happen. A very good friend of mine and I are both members of the strongest party in germany and if we he someday gets to be the chancellor and were to be Phillipine Pres.---then we have the chance to make our beloved motherland rise and also get rid of the "yellow threat".
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