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Subject: China threat
Jorge C. DeLeon    8/12/2002 1:15:33 PM
It is quite apparent that the chinese government is quite intent in making its presence felt throughout the region, the philippines being only one area of interest. We (americans) would be wise to help our long-time pilipino friends by strengthening ties and offering to modernise their military. Our presence in the region must be re-established or else we may eventually find ourselves having to help liberate many asian allies-again.
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Peoples_General    RE:China threat   6/24/2004 8:10:03 PM
The US has been offering modernization. The problem is that the Philippine govt. can't afford the modernization and/or keeping the tax pesos for enriching themselves.
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ManDrigma    RE:China threat   2/6/2005 6:04:46 AM
Old dreams die hard..there is a threat but its somewhere in the future.most probably 10 to 15 years from now the Phil. would become uneasy with Chinese Carriers sunbathing in the Spratly Groups of islands.if ever China would assert it power in the region by that time its renegade province Taiwan would be already in its hands.if China invade Taiwan it must be sure that its airforce is far more modernized than its presents state.Formosa's air defenses is formidable one for China.China if ever it would be that powerful enough could not afford an invasion on the Phil. would not be profitable for them to do so.maybe Chinese naval craft could do some intrussions on some of the islands in Spratly's occupied by the Phil. Forces, not to enggaged in skirmishes but just enough to unnerve the Phil. Gov't to consider a joint oil-exploration in this disputed islets which is already happening.China gets the oil while the Filipinos gets the monies..why go to war? Phil. should modernize its armed forces from the inside then to the should not overburden itself with hi-tech weapons that cost to much yet would be useless againts unconventional warfare wage by the NPA,ASG and the MILF which by far the most serious threats it already have.let the other Superpowers deal with China sooner or later China would run into somebody's else turf if it could not hold on to its new found power.
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mondpowers    RE:China threat   2/12/2005 12:28:34 AM
China threat? well the real threat i see is the all these chinese imports flooding our markets. i'm 33 years old but i really can't see anymore products made locally except food and shabu. why bother china? gotta find a job first, but wait...... where? all factories are closed? call centers? nahh....i'll probably kidnap these same chinks hehehehe.ASG wanna take a hint? kidnap these chinks...
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Commander    RE:China threat   3/25/2005 12:13:51 AM
China is not a threat and they are one of the Philippines biggest investors. If they suddenly just withdrew here the Philippine economy its worst fall since the great deppresion.
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hangin    What China threat?   3/25/2005 12:21:19 AM The Chinese have given military and technological aid to the Philippines as well.
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Feldmarschall    RE:China threat   2/2/2006 10:35:32 AM
China is a threat to the whole world. he who does not believe me is a blind man! Remeber the peaceful nation called Tibet that was overrun by Chinese soldiers? China is evil and has to be detroyed!!!
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Tangosaurus    RE:China threat   2/24/2006 8:45:13 PM
Well, a good nuclear winter might reverse the global warming trend, but I think we all would probably not enjoy the sie effects. Anyway, China has been duplicitous in the destabilizing of all RP governments since the time of Marcos. Why do you think southern separatists are lugging around Chinese manufactured weapons?
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