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Subject: ROP At It Again - Dont Tell Us We're Not Peaceful, or We'll Behead You
swhitebull    3/9/2007 12:13:18 PM
x swhitebull
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swhitebull       3/9/2007 12:13:58 PM
From Littlegreenfootballs, of course!
Religion of Beheading

To protest against a Christian preacher who suggested that Muslims might have violent tendencies, Muslims in the Philippines called for him to be beheaded.


Filipino Muslims display a banner, which reads ‘Behead Those Who Insult Islam,’ and t-shirts with a wanted sign during a rally Wednesday March 7, 2007, at a downtown Manila square, to protest recent televised preaching by a Christian sect leader Eli Soriano, who alleges that Muslims are killers. More than 1,000 Muslims took part in the rally and demanded Soriano, who is currently in hiding, be extradited back to the Philippines so he can face charges being brought against him. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

With strategic cropping by the Associated Press.
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