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Subject: jolo    8/28/2002 11:13:53 AM
You are a very misinformed individual. The two that were kidnapped and then released were not rescued,they were as mentioned ,released by the kidnappers. Why ? Because they were guides and not part of the group that these extremist were interested in.The way that you know this for sure is that they were not beheaded and left in a marketplace for all to see . Do you think that this occurred simply ,as you say, they were out-siders ? Think again ! These Muslim extremists are in what may be referred to as a religious war,or a holy war. In other words if you don''t serve their god Allah, you do not deserve to live .The innocent victims of this latest attack were Jehovah''s Witnesses . They are strictly neutral in all political affairs . They were not outsiders . They were good neighbors.
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:jolo   9/2/2002 6:15:40 PM
you are correct in your statement and those guides may even of had some knowledge of what was going to happen. How can those people make any one believe that they have something good to offer anyone in their relegion when they treat peace loving family members of another belief the way they do. Shame on Islam and their criminal blood thirsty dupes. Is there any further news as to the situation? All news agencies seem to have lost interest in this or have lost track of the progress.
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