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Subject: Philippines sucks
moderator    3/17/2003 2:12:44 AM
don't you guys think that the philippines military is basically useless. I mean they can't even protect thierselves from terrorist. EM
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warfreak_ph    RE:Philippines sucks   4/25/2003 12:13:39 AM
the filipino soldier is very good...the equipment is pathetic....and the politics just kills everything else...politics sucks! just a question, have u been to the philippines?
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enishin    RE:Philippines sucks   4/26/2003 8:28:52 AM
what a lame comment.. The US, Israel, Britain also suffer fom terrorist attacks. Does that mean their military sucks also? Its a fact, phil military is a nitwit comapared to its neighbors or ther countries, but it never had its planes go to its own buildings and Stage Theaters are safe..
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Patriot_RP    RE:Philippines sucks   8/6/2003 5:19:09 AM
moderator is an obvious bigot and a very dumb one at that. The Philippine military produce some of the best elite for ces in jungle warfare, else the us wouldn't employ our boys to train your troops. and china would have attacked us on the spratly island dipute when our now deposed president told em to go ahead and try taking the island by force. moderator, if any army in the world suck, it's the u.s. the us military base their supremacy with dishonorable warfare based on technology. like dropping the atomic bomb in japan or bombing iraq to bits before sending in your chicken soldiers to do some t.v. mop up operations. i have high respects to the u.s. army, but like american foreign policy, moderator you suck! lets play a couple of freindly skirmishes in the airsoft feild sometime! ;-)
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dazzy    RE:Philippines sucks   3/9/2004 2:23:58 AM
moderator, have you been to the Philippines? I suggest that you visit the country and do a thorough observation on how the country runs, esp. the military system in the country, then tell us again if your first impression is correct. what about the Sept 11 bombing, the Us wasn't able to predict the bombing and wasn't able to protect their people and their country, does it mean..US sucks?..
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tank    RE:Philippines sucks   3/9/2004 2:31:02 AM
This is rediculous,u.s. dishonarable warfare whatever,running into buildings of innocent people with a plane now that was dishonarable.
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WinsettZ    RE:Philippines sucks   4/21/2004 8:13:17 AM
Abu Sayyaf's objectives are to kidnap-for-ransom; and kill hostages to reinforce the first objective. They have speed-boats. They are known to hit coastal resorts and kidnap the wealthy, and run for it. What makes the Sayyaf dangerous is that they control Mindinao area. Most counter-insurgency doctrine states or implies that terrorists need a secure base area to operate. Having much of the southern Phillippines...they have it in spades. Or maybe hearts, now that the army is stepping up operations nearby.
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wagner95696    RE:Philippines sucks   4/28/2004 2:35:20 AM
Muslims are less than 5% of Philippines population. In almost 60 years of independence the Philippines has been unable, or unwilling, to suppress the rebellion. If after 60 years we are still fighting terrorists in Iraq, then and only then will I accept the comparison. I don't believe the problem is the military. It is the politicians and the GENERAL level of corruption throughout the Philippines. Filipino politicians are simply unwilling to accept the political heat and the loss of personal income that a permanent solution to the problem would entail.
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ManDrigma    RE:Philippines sucks   2/6/2005 4:44:05 AM
"just came in to this website"-phil army sure sucks sumtimes but only when they want to.they get junks from Uncle Sam and turn them into rescue machines.they got no smart bombs but they are'nt chicken bunch.they dont carpet-bombed,gassing or nuking.but they are good in jungle survival and warfare thats why US Spec. comes here often.what? to train us in our own terrain!i think they come here to apply there computer tactics in a real war.hey,my friends here in zamboanga city are paid 200 pesos/day/night to act as terrorist in their wargames.
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topdag1    RE:Philippines sucks   2/6/2005 4:27:28 PM
I think considering the remarkable lack of success the US military has shown with all its immense resources in its fight against terrorists ought to give anyone pause before praticing all too rigorous critcisms os the Philippine military. Again--those in glass houses ought not to toss stones....they ineveitably break glass when tossed back!
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goldeneyeman    RE:Philippines sucks   2/7/2005 11:31:59 PM
i've talked to one of my friends from the philippines and from what he said its mostly, worthless filipino politicians who are the root of not only lack of success against terrorists but also the reason why there is so much tension there.
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