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Subject: what does MILF stand for?????
IronSeeker    4/30/2003 12:49:58 PM
ok, so I tried to figure out myself before wasting your time and ran a google search with MILF Phillipines, and about number 10 down was the definition i was familiar with... so thats why its funny... but seriously, what does MILF stand for and what are they about? (i know they're a terrorist organization, but thats it) I.S.
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Barca    RE:what does MILF stand for?????   5/4/2003 10:57:43 PM
You mean that Moro Islamic Liberation Front? What kind of diplomatic pressure will be used against the US, if they were to answer a request for help against these guys?
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WinsettZ    RE:what does MILF stand for?????   8/5/2003 2:35:23 PM
We know that Khalid Shaikh Muhammad plotted some stuff in Phillippines, blowing up airliners, and killing the Pope. We also know that Moro and Mindinao are predominantly Islamic. Moro rebelled in early 20th century. American troops responded. Out of this conflict and a desire for greater stopping power the .45ACP was developed. So good for them. :P As for Mindinao, Abu Sayyaf and other groups kidnap and kill. One Missionary from Kansas was killed, and a American, Guerrillero Soberno (?) from Corona, CA was beheaded. It should be easy to justify escalation. We're already in Mindinao.
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dell    RE:what does MILF stand for?????   10/6/2003 2:03:27 PM
MILF stands for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. This group broke off from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) after the collapse of the Tripoli agreement. In recent years, in response to the enlightened policies of Arroyo’s government, both groups have moderated their demands and have proved forces for reason and moderation in the Philippines. We should be careful not to confuse the MILF with the Abu Sayyaf group, whom they condemn. Including them in our military efforts would radicalize a moderate group, and could inflame an area where efforts at accommodation and inclusion are bearing fruit.
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Philippine Soldier    MILF website   10/7/2003 5:56:44 AM
If you want to know more about the history and the reasons of the MILF you can go to their website which is written in English and updated daily.
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ChdNorm    RE:MILF website   10/23/2003 5:00:25 AM
maybe I'm a perv .... but uhmmmmm ....... i'd never heard of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. I guess you learn something everyday!!! By the way ....... MILF= Mom I'd Like to F ... well you get the idea LOL
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vital    RE:what does MILF stand for?????   3/8/2004 6:05:50 PM
moro islamic liberation front
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dazzy    RE:what does MILF stand for?????   3/8/2004 11:37:02 PM
I agree with what dell said. and MILF right now are more willing to pursue the peace process going on between them and the Arroyo government. It's just sad that because of the upcoming election the peace negotiation have not been given enough attention in the PI.
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