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Subject: Blowing a perfect opportunity
82 ABN - ND MBA    5/5/2003 3:57:53 PM
Delta Force was created along the lines of the SAS after seeing the success the SAS had in Malaysia. The Philippines is the perfect scenario for the US to place small teams into the PI jungle and operate just like the SAS did in Malaysia. I understand that the PI wants to do a large part in erradicating thier own problems but squelching the increase in Islamic terror far outweighs the political correctness of letting the Philippines take care of the problem themselves. Anyone else believe that a small force using an SAS strategy similar to that used in Malaysia along with modern bombers and AC-130s on station would quickly bring this to an end?
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Soylent Green    RE:Blowing a perfect opportunity   5/5/2003 4:01:39 PM
Not sure. Thing with counter-insurgency is that there's not really any one template you can just apply universally. Each situation is different. I'd need to know more about the situation in the Phillipines to know if British counterinsurgency tactis as used in Malaysia would work.
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Final Historian    RE:Blowing a perfect opportunity   5/5/2003 6:36:28 PM
Modern technology should make it easier to find people trying to hide out in the jungle like these terror groups, thanks to the fact that camo technology has lagged behind detection technology.
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Barca    RE:Blowing a perfect opportunity   5/5/2003 10:04:14 PM
Yep, terrorism is too dangerous to leave to less effective methods. The question is - are we better served in other efforts or has the Phillipines become the place to apply deadly force?
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Phoenix Rising    RE:Blowing a perfect opportunity   5/26/2003 11:53:47 AM
FH, SP recently ran an article about how DoD simulators had run a simulation in which they replaced the desert terrain of Iraq with jungles and mountains and our tactics didn't work so well. Our technology is good and getting better, but natural defensive terrain like jungles will always be a hazard for an attacker and still provides a good deal of cover against American technological superiority. I think one of the reasons we're much more reluctant to get involved in the Phillipines or North Korea is the amount of jungles and mountains we'd be dealing with, respectively (this of course in addition to the vastly different political considerations involved). --Phoenix Rising
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Final Historian    RE:Blowing a perfect opportunity   5/26/2003 3:21:54 PM
I know that the defender would have a huge advantage, the Jungle is still perhaps the most defensible terrain in the planet, excepting perhaps urban terrain. However, Detection technology has improved since Vietnam, while the options of hiding are pretty much the same. Of course, tunnel networks are a very good defensive system, and are next to impossible to completely destroy. The use of UAVs to patrol an area and look out for where the entrances are can help combat this of course. So while things have gotten better, I would still say the defender has the advantage. But the gap is narrowing.
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