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Subject: War of independence in South Philippines Over?
Philippine Soldier    8/4/2003 5:02:46 AM
The peace process between the Arroyo government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is under way. The whole world is watching once again to see whether the bloodshed in the southern Philippines Islands will stop. The war has caused immeasurable suffering to the people not only in the south but from the whole country of the Philippines. But will it succeed, as the Moros would ask for a referendum. A referendum to ask the people of Mindanao if they want independence or not. A referendum which will most likely to be bloody. And a cycle of violence would reigh once again.
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SGTObvious    RE:War of independence in South Philippines Over?   8/4/2003 9:04:19 AM
And the USA is here for you, whatever we are needed to do.* Good Luck. *Mostly, we are really good at blowing things up, so if you need our help, remember that's what we're best at.
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Philippine Soldier    RE:War of independence in South Philippines Over?   8/5/2003 6:31:06 AM
Hashim Salamat, the leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is dead. Murad has replaced him as leader of the liberation army. Will the new leadership negotiate peace or will they the Moro people head to an even bloodier war.
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Caznable    RE:War of independence in South Philippines Over?   9/13/2005 4:46:22 PM
there will be no peace. the moros is fighting foreign and even domestic enemies since the they first converted to Islam. unless total independence is assured there will be no peace between christian pinoys and muslim ones.
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