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Subject: UCMJ and LBFMs
AFA2007    3/6/2012 3:36:09 PM
One could easily support re- establishing a major base (at least naval) in the P.I. - ship maintenance/repair has always been cheaper than Japan or the U.S. But could we afford putting large numbers of young military personnel into such an environment with the current application of the UCMJ to LBFMs? The UCMJ has been joined at the hip with the liberal interpretation of human trafficking in regards to prositution, as well as it's application to adultery. I am sure there are other political reasons for why we haven't reestablished a major base in the P.I. - but one could argue that a General Order # 1 could not be effectively enforced in an Olongapo environment as easily as Baghdad, Kuwait City, Riyadh, or Manama. One could add that especially if the Navy isn't willing to open that Pandora's Box, then most certainly the most PC of the services, the Air Force, most certainly wouldn't consider reestablishing a major presence at Clark and Fields Ave.
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