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Subject: Philippines Presidential Election 2004
Philippine Soldier    9/2/2003 6:08:25 AM
In 2004, the whole Philippine population (legal age) would be voting for their new President for the next 6 years. Who would be the next leader of the Philippines? No one is sure, but one thing is for sure. There will be a lot of political violence from the early campaign to the end of the election. Last time there was a general election there were at least 250 people killed in a couple of months.
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SGTObvious    RE:Philippines Presidential Election 2004   9/17/2003 10:05:53 AM
Phillipine soldier, I just wanted you to know, we don't get a lot of news from your part of the world. Most of the time our media ignores 90% of the world. So, I appreciate your efforts in passing the information, even if they aren't "hot discussion topics". Keep them coming.
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Philippine Soldier    Bush visit to Philippines   9/18/2003 8:14:14 AM
US President George W Bush will be visiting the Philippines on Oct 18, 2003. It will be a brief 8 hour stop. No one knows the exact time when he is coming and where he is entering the country for security purposes. Already many left wing groups are planning to demonstrate in the streets in protest of Bush. But many people support the US led war on terror. Another issue during his visit is whether Bush will return with him the "Bell of Balangiga" which was taken as war trophy by the US troops in 1901. It was taken from the island of Samar in Central Philippines where bloody battles were fought between Filipino revolutionaries and US troops in the Philippine American war a century ago. The military says that if and when they capture Al Ghozi, the JI terrorist who escaped from prison, they would present him to Bush when he arrives.
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xinjiang    RE:Bush visit to Philippines   10/23/2003 5:48:20 AM
The PI may have to buy it back.
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