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Subject: What is status of MILF bases?
swami    10/26/2004 6:34:04 PM
I just finished reading Maria Ressa's "Seeds of Terror." It was a read eye-opener. She is a CNN reporter and she alleges that the MILF bases in Mindanoa are some of the biggest Al Queda bases in the world, third only to Afghanistan and Sudan (which are now less important). She alleges that every major Al Queda attack since 1993 has had a connection to these bases. It is also closely linked to the Indonesia Al Queda group called Jemaah Islamiyah. The Phillipine government, however, treats it as if it a domestic rebellion that needs a negotiated settlement. Meanwhile, the USA is more focused on the far less important Abu Sayyaf. Since the book was published in 2003, I was wondering if anything has changed. What is the status of the MILF bases in late 2004?
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