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Subject: The Greatest Warriors in the World
Commander    3/25/2005 12:18:47 AM
Winston Churchill said in WW2 that the Filipino soldier is the greatest warriors in the world. For it was they who resisted the Japanese invasion for more than 50 days with no hope of victory. These men only surrendered because they were ordered to. Filipinos has a long history of resisting invaders but with little success. They deserve the title for they fought all occupiers the only reason why they failed was lack of unity. The Philippine Army can beet any army if they only manage to have the same weapons and training that of more advanced nations.
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Cyrus(RES)PA    The Greatest Warriors in the World   6/25/2012 7:49:31 PM
This was because no order was received from their American Superiors. No orders then no action.
Yes filipino soldiers are very brave in desperate situations. But why wait for a situation to deteriorate? Why not prevent a problem before it takes place? One of the main reasons why Filipino & Americans soldiers were trap in Bataan because the Philippine Airforce & US planes were wipe out by Japanese during the Clark Airbase raid. Despite being informed that Pearl harbour was already bomb & Japanese will surely attack the Philippines, almost all Filipino pilots were caught sleeping inside their barracks when the Japanese attach them after lunch time. The Filipino bad habbit of taking siesta naps even in the middle of the war cause its undoing.

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