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Subject: The final siege begins; SL army maneuvering towards coast
kira    1/26/2009 7:23:29 AM
With the capture LTTE's main garrison town Mullaittivu yesterday (Jan 25), all seven offensive elements of Sri Lanka Army are now sweeping up remaining LTTE pockets towards the northeastern coast of the Island. According to the battlefield reports, troops of Army 55 Division marching down the coast towards Challai lagoon gained considerable ground during yesterday's operations. A sniper deployed in the forward areas south of Chundikulam confirmed shooting down of an LTTE cadre last evening. Challai remains the last stronghold of the sea tigers where many defence observers expect the terrorist to fight their final battles. Meanwhile troops of Army 58 Division positioned next to the 55 Division when describing battleground counterclockwise are now maneuvering in two frontiers. Troops deployed in northern section of the frontage are heading towards Challai to link up with 55 Division while those in southern section are maneuvering towards Vishvamadhu along with Army 57 Division . Troops of 583 Brigade had daylong confrontations with the terrorists in the Puliyampokkanai area and collected 5 bodies of slain LTTE cadres and 4 T-56 riffles following yesterday's fighting. Also, in the same area snipers confirmed shooting down of 11 LTTE cadres. Meanwhile, troops fighting in the outskirts of Visuamadu found 2 bodies of LTTE cadres along with one multi purpose machine gun on the same day evening. The terrorists reportedly suffered heavy damaged in the fighting occurred in the Kariyalvayal area too. Troops of Army 57 Division, placed next to the 58 Division are now on the borders of the Visuamadu, revealed the battlefield sources. Heavy fighting prevailed in the area as the terrorists made several attempts to breach the Army forward boundary yesterday. Troops successfully thwarted all these attempts of the terrorists. Both radio monitoring reports and ground sources confirmed heavy damages to the terrorists. Troops too sustained damages. Troops of Task Force 3 deployed next to the 57 Division, have now reached the boundaries of Visuamadu from south. Troops during yesterday's operations captured a terrorist base located southeast of Visumadukulam tank. Troops found seven improvised containers, 2 buildings and 500 empty cases of heavy artillery in the camp. Separately, troops captured another small encampment of the terrorist that stretches in an area of 400m x 400m. In another confrontation occurred southeast of Visumadukulam tank troops found 4 bodies of LTTE cadres along with 4 T-56 riffles and a radio communication set. Meanwhile, Task Force 2 troops placed next to the Task Force 3 continued their operations in the Udayarkattukulam area. Troops during yesterday's operations found 3 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, 2 T-56 riffles, 1 radio communication set, 5 mortar tubes and 3 fuel tanks built underground. Troops of the Task Force 4 comes next to the Task Force 3 on the battlefield further extended their forward boundaries towards Puthukkudiyiruppu terrorists stronghold during yesterday's operations. Troops had daylong confrontations in the Maruthampuval and South OF Puthukkudiyairippu areas claiming heavy damages to the terrorists. Troops found one T-56 weapon, one GPS device and a compass. Meanwhile, troops of 59 Division that comes last on the battlefield described counterclockwise scored a historic victory yesterday by capturing the Mullaittivu, the last remaining LTTE garrison in Wanni. Troops have now completed mop operations in the area and preparing their next move on the battlefield.
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Necromancer       1/31/2009 3:50:17 AM
Kira macha, LTTE is far from defeated, Lankan army got what ltte promised-barren land. A really dangerous situation is developing for Sri Lankan Sinhalese-- guess what India may be forced to intervene. LTTE has taken 1.5lakh to 4lakh Tamil civilians a human shields, and the Sri Lankan chief has some Monday deadline, if too many Tamil civilians get caught in crossfire don't expect the Tamil politicians in INdia to ignore it. The Sinhalese government has simply ignored theroot cause of the problem and the key solution- rapproachment with moderate Tamils, its ok to purge LTTE but can u purge the average Tamilians to be treated as an equal citizen- U cannot and hence LTTE will never die. Your government's fault completely.
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Necromancer    LTTE far from gone   2/20/2009 10:21:01 PM
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