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Subject: US Navy Spitfires
Marine Rifleman    9/1/2008 11:22:01 PM
VCS-7 & Spitfire Mk Vbs Spitfires of the US Navy
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Marine Rifleman       9/3/2008 7:21:34 PM
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larryjcr    Navy Spitfires   9/30/2008 6:15:10 PM
Interesting piece.  I'd read something about it, but much less detailed.  By mid-'44 the RAF had converted their squadrons almost totally to MkVIIIs and IXs and so had a fair number of surplus Vs that could be put to such use.
At one point Bell actually built a prototype of a navalized P-39.  It went nowhere for obvious reasons.
There was consideration of equiping Marine fighter squadrons with P-51s that went as far as a comparative flight test program between a P-51C and an F4U-1A.  Results were that the Corsair was the better fighter unless you got above 25,000 ft, besides the better external bomb load, so that didn't go anywhere either.
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