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Subject: Chinese Have a Ski-Jump Test Facility
warpig    8/10/2009 3:12:27 PM
Open Source photos have finally appeared of the Chinese ski jump test facility at Xian-Yanliang (343856N 1091452E), and it looks like they have at least one FLANKER test article. The one ground-level picture had appeared a few months back, but when I asked around a little for the location, the only answer I could get was the Shenyang test facility. That was not correct. Now for the first time that I have seen, someone has gotten a hold of recent overhead imagery of the Xian-Yanliang test facility, which is where this ramp was built within the last couple years. I just used the internet and found the overhead imagery myself. Now I could kick myself for previously not searching more thoroughly for other sources of satellite imagery other than GoogleEarth! Building it here seems an unusual choice, given its altitude of over 1500ft above sea level. Maybe they have good weather for testing there, with frequent sustained high winds that might better simulate wind over the deck during air operations?
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gf0012-aust       8/10/2009 4:08:13 PM
I look forward to the dribble that will no doubt now usher forth from our mutual friend..... :)
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warpig       8/10/2009 5:16:07 PM
Some imagery:" width="996" border="0" longdesc="Xian-Yanliang In 2006" />" width="1024" border="0" longdesc="Xian-Yanliang In c.2009" />
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warpig       8/10/2009 5:19:44 PM
Some close-ups:" width="902" border="0" longdesc="Ski Jump" />" width="717" border="0" />" width="749" border="0" />" width="279" border="0" />" width="600" border="0" />" width="266" border="0" />
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