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Subject: F35-B + LHA-7 = End of the CVN?
HeavyD    6/6/2012 5:48:55 PM
With the Navy and Marines building another 45k ton big deck assault carrier with improved aviation capabilities, is the Navy tacit;y recognizing that the age of the CVN is coming to a close with the fleet carriers currently in service/under construction? The CVN is unmatched for the capability of sustained naval aviation action, but as the Brits are intending with their QE ships maybe the need for 70+ aircraft is not actually supportable long-term due to sheer cost of equipment and crew. The CVNs we currently have will keep us flush in flattops until the middle of this century. So much will have changed by then, especially in the realm of UAVs that I personally believe that the next CVN built will be our last.
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