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Subject: Naval Strike Missile/Joint Strike Missile a game-changer?
HeavyD    6/30/2012 11:43:09 PM
How can any modern navy defend against NSM or especially the Joint Strike Missile that F35s will carry? History has clearly shown that warships without sufficient air cover are sitting ducks. Now air cover has to extend to 100 - 150 nautical miles. That's a tall order, especially against stealth and fast-movers. Do we really know how effective countermeasures and Close-In defenses are? Can any ship defend against a dozen simultaneous in-bound missiles? This blade cuts both ways. I have grave concerns about the all-aluminum LCS survivability against even light (125kg warhead) anti-ship missiles. Even an over-matched opponent could get some missile shots off - like Argentina vs GB.- if all they have to do is get within 200 kilometers with aircraft or in disguise or with launchers mounted on a fishing/merchant vessel.
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