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Subject: French Imams
SGTObvious    12/27/2002 9:41:48 AM
While we're on the subject of France, sometimes, they just amaze me. The French government is now pressign an agenda of having islam in France led by French educated, French speaking imams, with services in French. How do they do it? We could NEVER pull that off here. Could you see the reaction if the US demanded that services in Mosques be conducted in English? The left, heck, the center would go ballistic! Yet there is no uproar in France. It's pretty much accepted. Doesn't France have an active left? Why are they not howling and screaming about rights and cultural imperialism? How in the world do the French so readily accept what elsewhere would be infuriating, and with nary a whimper of protest in the Islamic world? Please tell us how this is done!
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bsl    RE:French Imams   3/20/2003 6:06:37 PM
"It's not a Islam IN France but a Islam OF France you feel the difference." What I feel is that infidels who try to dictate Islam to muslims get an "A" for presumption and an "F" for wisdom. Congratulations. France has announced a policy guaranteed to generate violent opposition.
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Soylent Green    RE:French Imams   5/3/2003 7:04:12 PM
The British government is thinking of doing a similar scheme to the French. Most of the imams in Britain are from the Middle East rather than homegrown (British trained imams tend to be far more moderate), especially from Saudi, and a lot of them are very extreme. There has been a significant increase in hate crimes committed by Muslim street gangs recently. Britain doesn't have much of an anti-semitism problem (though a couple of synagogues have been graffitied) but there's a fair bit of tension on university campuses. One of the major party pieces hate crime wise in a few of Britain's cities recently have been Muslim street gangs systematically targeting gays. Not the sort of thing we want to see o nthe rise.
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