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Subject: Fattening them up?
SGTObvious    1/13/2003 11:58:11 AM
Make of this what you will. The "detainees" (Come on, we all know they're POW's, why does the media like this word?) at Guantanamo have gained an average of 13 pounds each.
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Elbandeedo    RE:Fattening them up?   1/14/2003 9:53:57 AM
Yeah, sure... fattening them up. we'll ship 'em to the butchers and send them to starving countries so that some tiny bit of use can be made from their miserable wasted lives. Instead of "Pork - The 'Other White Meat'", It could be, Detainee - the other, other white meat. (gack. sorry, i went there.) Yes, obviously this shows we are not feeding them properly. we are being cruel and tormenting them by feeding them too much. They will become too obese to carry out terrorist acts. E.
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American Kafir    RE:Fattening them up?   1/14/2003 5:49:21 PM
And to think the French would be happy if only we made the detained terrorists eat snails.
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Zerbrechen    RE:Fattening them up?   1/21/2003 12:35:22 AM
I guess that we plan us raising the costs of terrorist operations by making the terrorists pay double airfares because they are "obese."
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