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Subject: Lybia
jean    1/24/2003 3:09:54 AM
Last week the presidence of human rights commission at UNO was given to...Lybia. Very amazing and maybe ..amusing ? USA against that thing ...and Europe was "neutral" ...strange, specially after so lybian attempts .
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NewGuy    RE:Lybia    1/24/2003 10:50:18 AM
Jean, It it an insult that Libya, which is still under sanctions for its role in the bombing of the Pan Am flight, was given the chair to the UN Human Rights Commission. This is one more example of problems with the UN that makes it appear to me to be an organization that is in serious need of change. NewGuy
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peanut gallery    RE:Lybia-further reading    1/24/2003 11:55:03 AM
New Guy; Jean: The New York Times Sunday magazine did an article on the Colonel. The general theme being the leopard cannot change his spots. I believe the article is still on its website. PG
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