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Subject: Code Red
ChrisWI    2/9/2003 1:02:25 PM
Al Qaida linked iraqi terrorists killed a senior Kurdish PUK leader today. I might be going a little far but do you guys remember what happend 2 days after Ahmed Mossod was killed? I think the "BIG ONE" is coming this week.
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peanut gallery    RE:CNN Website   2/11/2003 11:03:09 AM
Anonymous source says most likely target in US is NYC, probably a hotel or the subway. I would concur with your projection.
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Elbandeedo    RE:CNN Website - soft targets    2/11/2003 11:20:50 AM
Looks like the newsies have settled on "soft targets". well that will keep people home from: the mall the ball game church work in large structures - non-government to name a few. I would love to see headlines in a few days saying, "Major terrorist plot disrupted - terrorist shot by grandmother" or something like that. well... you can't shoot down a hijacked airliner-cum-cruise missile, but you can cap a putz with a detonator! E.
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bsl    RE:Code Red   2/12/2003 5:51:06 PM
Er...may mean that *they* think so. Doesn't mean we will.
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ChrisWI    RE:Code Red   2/17/2003 8:15:01 AM
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